Digital product innovation for a sustainable future

We are a digital product studio helping purpose-driven companies and organisations design and build software, services and ventures that improve people's lives and make a positive impact on the planet.

Product strategy for planet-positive startups

We love working with startups who are making a real difference in transitioning to a cleaner, greener, net-zero world. With a particular focus on startups working on solving problems in the areas of decarbonisation, renewable energy, food and agriculture, biodiversity, mobility and the built environment, we can help:➤ Test and validate hypotheses and gain a deep understanding of customer needs
➤ Build an outcome-driven roadmap
➤ Coach product teams on effective continuous discovery techniques
➤ Design your next software product or service
➤ Guide in setting up meaningful metrics and product analytics
➤ Find and fix critical product or UX issues and identify new growth opportunities
➤ Build a high-performing, empowered product team ready to scale

Product innovation for sustainable ventures

We help product leaders at large enterprises or organisations conceptualise, build and launch innovative digital products, services and ventures that accelerate the transition to net zero while at the same time opening new paths to growth using circular economy and regenerative principles alongside new revenue streams. We can help:➤ Facilitate product strategy workshops and research/design sprints to create new value propositions or whole new ventures
➤ Coach on product discovery & building capacity for continuous discovery/delivery
➤ Create lean prototypes for testing and feedback with customers
➤ Shape and design compelling new product and service experiences
➤ Optimise, reinvent or relaunch existing products to explore new opportunities
➤ Help create a product culture of high-performing, empowered product teams
➤ Serve as interim or advisory product leaders and help build & train new product teams

Helping mission-driven founders go from 0→1

We're here to support early-stage founders who have a vision to make a positive impact on the world by working toward a sustainable future. With ClimateTech, often software itself is only part of the puzzle so we’re able to leverage our deep experience building software integrated with connected hardware and IoT. Fees for our work with founders can take many forms depending on the funding situation. We can help:➤ Advise on product strategy, product & service design
➤ Coach on lean customer development to focus on the right problem
➤ Create lean prototypes for rapid testing and feedback with customers
➤ Shape an MVP that's valuable, feasible and delightful to use
➤ Serve as interim or advisory product leaders

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We're based in East London but work with companies all over the world. Get in touch for a chat about how we can help you achieve your mission. or book a 30 minute call